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Tarot Readings in Person or Webcam:

The Tarot cards hold the secrets of the ancient wisdom and mysteries in pictures.  They incorporate numbers, colors, elements, planetary placement and universal symbols that speak to the sub-conscious mind.  After studying numerology and astrology, she began to study the cards.  Brie was awed by their relationship to Scriptures and approaches this modality with reverence.  Her readings are Spiritual.  They will reveal the obstacles to your progression and the means and tools with which to bring yourself into alignment with your Source.  You will see what pattern you're creating in your life and learn how to change it, if you want to.

Readings are now available online via webcam, you can speak to Brie directly, and see where your cards fall.

Brie leads workshops that focus on gaining control of your life by first quieting the mind and body, and then using self-suggestion to create your desired physical reality.  Her meditation CD's are unique in their embodiment of physical relaxation, mental relaxation, vibrational acceleration, and self-hypnosis, which are the components she uses at the Alpha or Theta brain wave frequency.  The Law of Attraction operates according to your intention, visualization, and level of gratitude at having already received what you want before you have it.  The CD's promote Spiritual growth and expansion, a higher vibration of the body, behavioral change, heightened intuition, healing at all levels, and improvement in whatever areas of your life you choose to address.

Meditation CD's and Workshops:


30 Minute Reading $60.00
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1 Hour Reading $120.00
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Meditation Cd's $15.00
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       For Workshops
Please contact for pricing
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Healing and Remote Healing:

Brie is a healer, both hands on and remote.  Paramount in her life and philosophy is God, the Source of all, the Quantum Field from which All manifests.  And with the understanding that All is Energy, the highest vibration being the Unconditional Love of our Creator, Brie moves Energy in the Light Realm, transmuting lower energies into the ever-emerging higher vibrations. 

By connecting with the gridwork or the pattern of the physical form, she manipulates the vibration to heal, balance and harmonize the mental, emotional and physical bodies.  Changes in the pattern begin to manifest as healing in the body.  "As above, so below."

Please email with any questions that you may have.

Healing and Remote Healing Sessions
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